Monday, October 13, 2014

JavaFX2 Message Broker Client For The Rest Of Us

Developers of systems for Enterprise Integration often need to interact with a message broker in order to view messages or send messages to queues or topics. The problem is, a client application which does that is not always readily available.

Now there is one!

You can now use the MQConsole client application (at least for Apache ActiveMQ and HornetQ). MQConsole is an open source application that I started to develop using a maven multi-module project. Each broker support in developed as a maven module and shares the same user interface with the others. The source code is available on Github (here) and the binary distributions for Windows and Mac are available on Bintray (here).

main window - broker destinations
The main window shows a table with information about the queues and topics found in the message broker. There are a number of actions available if you right-click on any queue or topic:
  • See the list of messages in a queue or topic
  • View the details of a specific message
  • Send a new message to a queue or topic
  • Subscribe to a queue or topic and display messages as they arrive there.

send a new message window
When sending a new message, you can opt for a request/response scheme by ticking the "Has Response" box. In this case, the application will wait for a response and displays the reply message in the "Response" tab.
Window displaying a received message
When you subscribe to a channel or topic in the main window, a window displaying one message pops up every time a new message arrives.
This window can also be opened to view the details of a message in a message list.

The message details displayed are the message headers and its payload as long as its non binary.

Please download from Bintray and see the Github site to create an issue with your improvement suggestions

Requires Java 8 update 20 or a newer version.

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